Madras Kilrymont!

I had my first meeting today with the students of Madras Kilrymont! It was absolutely wonderful to get to know some of you and hear about what matters to you.

I spent time going round talking to some of you at lunch, and I asked you all ‘if you could change anything, what would it be?’ Your answers ranged from the light-hearted to the inspiring.

Someone wanted to get rid of the uniform – she told me it made her feel unwelcome. Another was desperate to deal with levels of hate crime, and another wanted the LGBT community to feel more welcome in Fife. It’s so important that we keep sight of these things.

(we also discussed free chocolate in school.. 🙂 )

One of the really important messages I got from you today is how angry you are about the delays in the new campus for Madras. I think it’s pretty outrageous that the school you have been repeatedly promised has been put off for decades. It’s not fair on anyone – students, staff, or parents – and is another example of young people being ignored in the decision making process.

As your MSYP, I would make it an absolute priority to push for the new Langlands campus. There has been some progress over the last year – I hope we can make something of this, and get you the school you need and deserve.

I am so grateful to all of you for taking time to talk to me. Remember – 8th of March. Vote Kit McCarthy!!



A survey!

I’ve created a really quick survey – what do you want changed in North East Fife? The link is here

I would be so grateful if you could spare a moment to send me your thoughts.

In other news, I’ve been designing posters. I’ve got these up all over my school now, and I’m going to try and get them up in the other schools over the next week.

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We have our first hustings on Monday at Madras – I’ll see you there!

Issue #1: Education

Education is one of the most pressing issues for all of us, and one which all MSYPs must address. Our schooling has a huge impact on our futures, yet funding is being slashed and teachers are vanishing. There are senior maths classes in Fife with over fifty pupils – there may be others even larger, all due to understaffing. That’s absurd!

It’s not just that there’s not enough funds – too many are left ignored by schools that don’t value their talents. We’re individuals, we can’t be standardised. We need to find ways to make school matter for young people, because exams won’t do that.

I feel also personally connected to the arts, an area which has been alarmingly neglected across the UK. Creativity must be nurtured – art, music, drama and dance must be celebrated as inspiring, fulfilling, and challenging subjects.

As your MSYP, I will push locally and nationally for urgent action on understaffing. I will work with young people and education leaders in Fife to promote individuality and diversity in education. I will do everything within my power to protect arts teaching in every form.

We will always have to work with limited resources, but the change that matters comes from people, not money. I will always protect our right to quality education that prepares us for our futures. There’s nothing we can’t do.




Hello everyone!

So, it’s 2017 and the Scottish Youth Parliament election is coming up. Voting starts on the 3rd of March, and runs for two weeks until the 17th. If you’re aged between 12 (possibly 14? I’ll check) and 25, and live in Scotland, you can vote.

My name’s Kit, and I’m fifteen years old. I’ve lived in Fife my whole life, with my two cats Toby and Lucy (photos to follow…). I’ve play the French horn and piano, and love writing my own music. I’m standing for election in North East Fife to be your MSYP.

I want to be your MSYP because I’m frustrated. I’m frustrated as to why our schools no longer have any money. I’m frustrated as to why our environment is being laid to waste and ignored. I’m frustrated as to why we can’t do things better, why we can’t make progress.

But we can make progress, and that’s why I want to be your representative. We need to come up with crazy ideas no one has thought to try, to solve the problems no one has thought to address.

I’m standing for election along with five other candidates. My official SYP profile is here. You can find me on Twitter (@Kit4SYP) and Facebook, and I’ll be using this blog to keep you all updated on the campaign as it goes, as well as to talk about some other current issues. Feel free to email me at Please like, follow, and share!

See you soon,


p.s. my slogan, as you may have seen, is ‘anything is possible.’ i’ll be saying that a lot.