‘Why Should I Vote for You?’ | 10 Key Areas

Why should you vote for me? I thought I would share with you ten of my key policy areas. These policies are just a selection – some of them could be worked on immediately, others would take time.

  1. EDUCATION – Campaign for greater recognition in schools of individual pupils’ talents and needs. Take urgent action on understaffing. Work with schools to improve student-teacher relationships.
  2. TRANSPORT – Get fares down. Push for the reinstatement of the bus routes that have been cut across Fife. In the long run, support free transport for all those under 18.
  3. EQUALITY – Ensure that schools and public authorities take serious action on hate crimes against young people on the basis of race, nationality, gender identity, religion, disability, or sexual orientation. Encourage the expansion of PSHE to cover equality. Support lowering the UK’s voting age to 16.
  4. ENVIRONMENT – Campaign for the localisation of our food and for all of us to eat more sustainably. Prioritise increased energy efficiency in public buildings across Fife. Support the reduction of speed limits in built up areas.
  5. COMMUNITY SPACES – Protect, develop, and expand community spaces for young people. Look at opportunities to create more green spaces in built up areas. Campaign for brighter, more lively high streets.
  6. CONNECTIVITY- Press for the continued roll out of high speed internet and Wi-Fi hotspots across North East Fife.
  7. HEALTH – Stand up for the mental health services that are so badly needed by many. Defend funding for physical education in schools. Promote healthy eating, starting in schools.
  8. ECONOMY – Secure local jobs specifically aimed at young people in or just leaving school. Increase funding for Fife’s YouthBank – an initiative that awards grants to anyone under 25 for a variety of community purposes.
  9. OUR FUTURE AFTER EUROPE – Defend the rights and futures of young people as Britain leaves the European Union.
  10. POLITICAL EMPOWERMENT – Fight for your views, your representation, and your rights.





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