Waid Hustings!

Sorry for the delay in the update – the four of us were at Waid yesterday! It was wonderful to have a chance to get to talk to some of you. As well as coming round to talk to you at lunch, we were privileged to get a chance to speak to two of the S2 social education classes and answer some of the questions you had.

Someone asked how the candidates felt about the curriculum. I feel the Curriculum for Excellence has had a huge positive impact, but there is work to be done. The curriculum still isn’t working for many.

I am hugely inspired by the educationalist Sir Ken Robinson and some of his ideas are very relevant. He suggests that education needs to be focused on creativity and individualisation, rather than strict academics and standardisation. We teach maths every day – why not art?

This isn’t to say that maths and English and science aren’t important – they’re enormously important! It is rather that maths and English aren’t what a young person necessarily needs for their future. Especially in the broad general education, I think we should be providing a curriculum that is better tailored to individuals. We must recognise that each pupil is unique in their talents and needs – it’s absurd to imagine everyone can be taught the same way.

Another thing we talked about was how to improve relationships between students and staff. Many young people don’t feel they are respected by their school, and this only creates resentment, getting in the way of learning. If elected, I will work with schools across North East Fife to find ways to make young people feel more valued and respected.

The four of us are in Bell Baxter tomorrow – come and talk to us at lunch!


p.s. seeing as I mentioned Ken Robinson, I highly recommend this video


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